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K. A. Lewis is living her dream of being a writer. Her earliest memories include riding everywhere on an invisible horse named Moonlight, drawing a horse in green crayon, and typing stories on a manual typewriter. These were probably odes to her tabby cat and soul mate, Whiskers.

When she was seven, her family moved from Northern Virginia to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where Katy developed an abiding passion for the ocean. Though the family returned to Virginia, the sea water encapsulated in her bones compels her back to shore each year.

Katy graduated from McLean High School in 1982, and in July met her future husband, the DM at a Dungeons & Dragons game. The crafty Dungeon Master collected phone numbers (to get hers) and convinced Katy's date that it would be easier if the DM drove her home. They were engaged within a month, and have been inseparable ever since.

In 1986 she graduated from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., an artist and printmaker with a BA in photography and very little idea of how to make a living. Her copious retail experience includes ice cream scooping, cake decoration, assistant management, jewelry sales, and being robbed at gunpoint. For a decade she sold her handmade jewelry at weekend craft shows, and along the way earned an IMDHA certification in therapeutic hypnosis. Katy’s been a custom frame designer and retail buyer for over 30 years. A fortuitous meeting at the framing table led to a personal renaissance, writing classes, and a long-term writing group.

Since 2010, she’s written science fiction, fantasy, and poetry. Her work has been published in several anthologies from Old Mountain Press and the 2016 Creatures, Crimes, & Creativity Anthology. Her debut science fiction novella, “Cinderella Rangoon” is in final revision.

Katy and her husband Dave live with five demanding cats in a small book-stuffed house in Falls Church, VA.

UPDATE: After a surprise cancer diagnosis and eight months of treatment, Katy is recovering. 

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