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Greetings friends, readers, and fellow genre enthusiasts! Below I've listed some literary events of interest, mostly local, and perhaps I'll see you there. 


National  Book Festival 2023


Over 150 authors, illustrators, and poets usually attend this celebration of books in our nation's capitol. Come to browse,  hear your favorite authors and artists speak about their work, and discover new favorites. Have fun and remember to get all of your new books signed!


Creatures Crimes & Creativity Conference 2023

Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Columbia MD

A gathering of writers and readers of all genre fiction, including mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and more! This event is a great place to meet and mingle with local genre authors. The guest speakers have been terrific in the past and I've gotten a lot out of this convention every time I've attended.


Capclave 2023

Rockville Hilton & Executive Meeting Center/Rockville

DC area literary science fiction and fantasy convention hosted by the Washington Science Fiction Association (

I attended Capclave while going through chemo. It was a much-needed reminder of what's really important to me: the wondrous world inside my head, the hidden realms in other peoples' heads, and the magical way words and stories can sustain us, lift us from our troubles, and transport us throughout the universe.



James River Writers Conference 2023

Greater Richmond Covention Center in Richmond, VA.

I haven't attended this one, but have heard good things.



World Fantasy Convention 2023

Home of the World Fantasy Award, one of the genre's 'big three' literary awards in the United States, along with the Hugo and the Nebula. 

This is a literary convention attended by many of the genre's best known authors, with a spectacular art show featuring legendary artists and works (many for sale!) and a vendor room packed with tempting tomes from publishers large and small. The swag bags are an avid reader's dream: over-sized zippered canvas totes filled with free books! This is a big event with a sprawling schedule of panels, readings, and slide-show lectures, given by beloved authors, artists, agents, and publishers. You'll have to choose between events and even skip some if you want to eat, sleep, or go home and feed your cats. At World Con you can rub shoulders with genre idols, make contacts in the industry, and best of all, discover new authors and works that capture your heart.

I had a wonderful time at the 2018 Con in Baltimore. 



Balticon 2024


The Maryland regional science fiction convention sponsored by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society.


ChessieCon 2024?

NO CHESSIECON in 2023 - but perhaps it'll return in 2024. I attended for the first time online in 2021 and it was great fun!


ChessieCon is put on by the Thanksgiving Science Fiction Society in the tradition of DarkoverCon, and it emphasizes the work of women creators of SF and fantasy in art and literature.


FaerieCon - International Faerie Convention

It looks like FaerieCon is no more. How awful - this was a beloved event.

The impression below is from the glory days at the Hunt Valley Hotel in MD.


Fairies, Steampunk, and Wonders galore!

Since the biggest hazard is an eye-poke from a fairy wing tip, I suggest wearing your trusty Steampunk goggles. Besides, they look super cool, right? If you don't have super cool Steampunk goggles, this is the place to get 'em.

And a crown. I couldn't decide between an antlered crown or one with glittery tapestry leaves, and then they were all sold out. Darn! At least I got cat ears. Black faux-fur with dusky pink velvet inside. Next year I'll get a proper crown. Everybody should have at least one. Remember, we're all Kings and Queens in Narnia. 


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